Zoom Expands Summarization Capabilities for AI Companion in Healthcare and Higher Education

Zoom Expands Summarization Capabilities for AI Companion in Healthcare and Higher Education

Zoom has announced the launch of healthcare and higher education summarization capabilities for its AI Companion solution. This expansion was revealed as part of Zoomtopia 2023, where the company also introduced new features for AI Companion and outlined future developments in generative AI assistance.

With the enhanced summarization capabilities, AI Companion can now assist customers in the healthcare and higher education industries. The AI-powered solution enables knowledge workers to have access to large language models that can improve productivity while remaining cost-effective.

Additionally, Zoom unveiled the idea generation board in Whiteboard, which allows users to create and organize ideas digitally. This feature is now available to all users. The company also provided a preview of upcoming features, such as the ability to interact with AI Companion through conversational interfaces and access content across the Zoom platform.

Zoom emphasized its commitment to transparency by stating that customer content will not be used to train its AI models or third-party artificial intelligence models. Users will have control over their AI Companion settings for various aspects of Zoom, including meetings, team chat, whiteboard, and mail.

Future developments for AI Companion include real-time feedback on presentation and conversational skills, the ability to detect meeting intent in team chat messages, and generating images and populating whiteboard templates. The AI-powered assistant will also offer assistance in Zoom Events and summarization of SMS threads and calls on Zoom Phone.

The launch of Zoom Docs, a collaboration workspace designed to address hybrid working challenges, was also announced at Zoomtopia 2023. This solution integrates AI capabilities, allowing users to populate documents with content from Zoom meetings and generate plans and projects.

Overall, Zoom continues to invest in AI technology to improve its platform and provide users with valuable tools for communication and collaboration.

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