New Guidance on At-Home COVID-19 Test Expiration Dates

New Guidance on At-Home COVID-19 Test Expiration Dates

Grand Island resident Laura Matthews recently faced a dilemma when she discovered that her at-home COVID-19 test had expired. Concerned about its efficacy, she took the initiative to call the toll-free number listed on the packaging. Sadly, the response she received was less than satisfactory – the tests’ shelf life had been extended for only an additional six months. Matthews wasn’t convinced that using these expired tests would yield reliable results.

Thankfully, our own problem solver, Michael Schwartz, stepped in to uncover a crucial piece of information: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had extended the expiration dates of several COVID-19 tests by one year. This revelation provided a glimmer of hope for those like Matthews, who found themselves in a similar situation.

To ensure that you are on the right track with your at-home COVID-19 test, the FDA has provided guidance on how to determine whether the expiration date has been extended:

1. Visit the FDA’s website [URL domain] and navigate to their dedicated page for COVID-19 tests.

2. Scroll down the page until you find the specific COVID-19 test that you possess.

3. Check whether the test is labeled “Extended Expiration Date” in the second column next to the test.

4. If your test is listed as having an extended expiration date, click the hyperlink provided to access a table of Lot Numbers.

5. Locate the Lot Number on your test box and find its corresponding new expiration date in the table.

It is essential to note that if your test’s lot number contains additional letters following an asterisk (*), the expiration dates provided in the table apply to those variations as well. For example, if your test has a lot number of COVSA1001, the extended expiration dates for lot numbers COVSA1001-A or COVSA1001-HF would also apply.

If you require assistance with any consumer-related issues, please reach out to Michael at [email protected]. Our team is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my at-home COVID-19 test has expired?

A: It is generally recommended not to use expired medical products, including COVID-19 tests. However, if the FDA has extended the expiration dates for your specific test, it may still be valid. Follow the instructions provided on the FDA’s website to determine if the shelf life has been extended for your particular test.

Q: How can I find the Lot Number on my at-home COVID-19 test?

A: The Lot Number can typically be found on the packaging or the test cassette itself. Look for a series of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identify your specific test.

Q: Will the extended expiration date apply to different variations of the same Lot Number?

A: Yes, if your test’s lot number contains additional letters following an asterisk (*), the extended expiration dates provided in the FDA’s table will apply to those variations as well. Make sure to check the table for the corresponding expiration date.

Q: Who can I contact for assistance with consumer issues?

A: Michael Schwartz, our dedicated problem solver, can be reached at [email protected]. Feel free to reach out to him if you require any help or have concerns regarding consumer-related matters.

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