Breathing and Yoga Training Beneficial for Asthma Patients

Breathing and Yoga Training Beneficial for Asthma Patients

Yoga and breathing techniques, when combined with aerobic training, have been found to be effective in improving lung function in individuals with asthma, according to a recent study. The research highlights the importance of incorporating specific types of exercise training into asthma management strategies.

Previous beliefs suggested that exercise could trigger or worsen acute asthma attacks. However, recent studies have shown that exercise training can actually enhance respiratory function and exercise capacity in adult patients. The challenge lies in comparing the effectiveness of different rehabilitation programs due to variations in specific exercise interventions.

To address this issue, the study conducted a network meta-analysis, which compared the effects of multiple types of exercise training on lung function in adults with asthma. The analysis involved 28 randomized controlled trials and 2,155 participants. The types of exercise training examined included breathing training, aerobic training, relaxation training, yoga training, and breathing combined with aerobic training.

The results of the analysis ranked the effects of different exercise treatments against each other. Relaxation training showed the most significant effect on improving FEV1 levels, while breathing combined with aerobic exercise had the most significant effect on improving FVC levels. Additionally, yoga training had the most significant effect on improving PEF levels.

The findings of this study have valuable implications for healthcare professionals prescribing exercise training for adult asthma patients. However, it is important to consider individual factors when designing exercise rehabilitation programs, such as family history, duration of the condition, and environmental influences. Tailoring interventions to individual physical and mental health conditions is crucial for optimizing treatment outcomes.

In conclusion, incorporating breathing and yoga training, along with aerobic exercise, can be especially beneficial for improving lung health in individuals with asthma. Further research, particularly well-designed randomized controlled trials, is needed to accurately estimate the benefits of exercise training for asthma management.

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