Woman Charged with Fraud for Obtaining Medication with Fraudulent Prescriptions

Woman Charged with Fraud for Obtaining Medication with Fraudulent Prescriptions

Prosecutors have filed charges against Jaclyn Perez, a Washington County woman, for fraudulently obtaining medication using fake prescriptions. Perez is facing three counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. The charges come after the pharmacy manager at the Walgreens in Jackson reported that Perez used counterfeit prescriptions multiple times between January 13, 2022, and September 5, 2023.

According to the criminal complaint, Perez used a fake prescription on four occasions and requested refills for the fake prescriptions on seven occasions. The pharmacy provided Perez with 50mg Tramadol, a potent pain medication known for its high risk of addiction. The pharmacy manager believed that the prescriptions were intended for Perez’s dog, as they appeared to be written by Dr. Daniel Bushard, a veterinarian at Woodview Veterinary Clinic.

Upon receiving prescription fill requests on August 23 and September 5, Dr. Bushard realized the deception. He contacted the Walgreens to explain that he had not issued Tramadol for Perez’s dog. The pharmacy manager then sent images of the prescriptions to Dr. Bushard, who confirmed that the signatures were not his own. Further investigation revealed that Perez’s dog had actually passed away three years ago, making the prescriptions even more suspicious.

On September 12, Perez admitted to forging the signatures. She claimed that she had been using Tramadol to help her stop drinking alcohol and maintained that she had not sold the medication to anyone else.

This case highlights the serious consequences of prescription fraud and the importance of pharmacies and healthcare providers in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. The misuse of prescription drugs can have severe health and addiction implications, and it is crucial to follow proper channels and obtain medications only with legitimate prescriptions.

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