Irish Heart Foundation Hosts Webinar to Promote Women’s Heart Health

Irish Heart Foundation Hosts Webinar to Promote Women’s Heart Health

The Irish Heart Foundation is hosting a free webinar as part of its ‘Her Heart Matters’ campaign to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke in women. The event will be led by broadcaster Maura Derrane, who will be joined by a group of health experts.

The webinar aims to share small but impactful changes that women can make in their busy lives to minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems. Statistics show that 27% of female deaths in 2022 were attributed to heart disease. Maura Derrane highlights the importance of prioritizing one’s health and making sustainable lifestyle changes to improve heart health.

One of the webinar panelists, Maura Canning, shares her personal experience as a “walking time-bomb.” She discovered her high blood pressure by chance when visiting the Irish Heart Foundation’s Mobile Health Unit. Days later, she was admitted to the hospital. Maura urges women to look after their own health and emphasizes the need for self-care.

Heart disease in women has been historically under-researched, under-diagnosed, and under-treated. This has led to misconceptions that heart disease is predominantly a male problem. However, women face specific risks related to pregnancy and menopause, in addition to common risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure.

To support the campaign and promote women’s heart health, the Irish Heart Foundation has developed resources including a Self-care and Wellbeing Journal and a 28-day plan. These tools provide guidance and information to help women protect their hearts. The ‘Her Heart Matters’ webinar is open to all and can be accessed by registering on the Irish Heart Foundation website or on Eventbrite.

– Irish Heart Foundation
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