National Bridging Workshop on Rabies Pilot Programmes: Collaborating to Combat Rabies

National Bridging Workshop on Rabies Pilot Programmes: Collaborating to Combat Rabies

Rabies, a deadly viral disease transmitted through dog bites, claims the lives of approximately 59,000 people annually, with Asia and Africa being the most affected regions. In response to this public health crisis, global organizations have joined forces to develop a strategic plan to eliminate human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030.

To support countries in implementing effective rabies control programs, the National Bridging Workshop on Rabies (NBW-R) has been introduced. This specialized adaptation of the generic IHR-PVS National Bridging Workshop aims to foster collaboration across different sectors involved in rabies control, following the principles of the One Health approach.

The inaugural NBW-R workshop took place in Ada, Ghana in August 2022, and a second workshop was held in Kuta, Bali in April 2023. These workshops brought together approximately 50 participants from various levels, sectors, and regions, along with representatives from national and local authorities and international stakeholders.

The primary objective of the NBW-R is to improve coordination among different sectors and disciplines by increasing understanding of their contributions to rabies control and analyzing collaboration gaps. The workshop utilizes interactive methodologies, including user-friendly materials, case studies, videos, and tools, to facilitate productive discussions.

Through collaborative diagnosis, participants identify strengths and weaknesses in cross-sectoral collaboration, leading to the identification of practical next steps and activities to strengthen coordination in rabies-related work. By utilizing existing strategies and plans, a road map is developed to consolidate efforts towards rabies control across sectors.

The success of the workshops is evident from the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from participants. Their high satisfaction with the workshop and unconditional recommendation of it to other countries highlights the value of the NBW-R in raising awareness of rabies and One Health.

The NBW-R plays a crucial role in achieving the global goal of “Zero by 30” by heightening awareness, fostering collaboration, and identifying cross-sectoral activities necessary to combat rabies.


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