St. Louis County Health Department Anticipates Arrival of Updated COVID-19 Boosters

St. Louis County Health Department Anticipates Arrival of Updated COVID-19 Boosters

County health officials in St. Louis have announced the start of administering the latest flu shots to “empaneled patients” through their clinics. These patients are those who have primary care physicians within the county health department. The county has received a small initial shipment of the flu vaccine for 2023 and expects a larger shipment soon. Once the larger shipment arrives, the health department will offer the flu vaccine through walk-in clinics as they typically do.

In addition to the flu vaccine, St. Louis County health officials have been closely monitoring the rollout of the newly approved Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 booster shots. As of now, it is uncertain when these booster shots will be available to the public, but health officials anticipate having more information later this week.

Regarding the RSV vaccine, health officials have stated that they do not currently have any in stock.

The 2023 flu shot has received slight updates to its formula to combat the most recent strain of the virus. The CDC recommends getting the flu shot in September and October, as these months are the best time for most individuals to get vaccinated. Studies have shown that people who received the flu shot were significantly less likely to be hospitalized due to flu-related illnesses or complications in 2022.

St. Louis County health officials emphasize the importance of residents getting the latest flu shot to prevent a surge in cases of COVID-19, RSV, and the flu, which was observed last year. Dr. Kanika Cunningham, the Public Health Director of the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, advises getting the flu shot each season, as the circulating strain changes. Individuals with an egg allergy can still receive the influenza vaccination after consulting with their primary care physician.

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