Introducing “Mindful Showers”: The New Trend for Mental Health

Introducing “Mindful Showers”: The New Trend for Mental Health

Social media has been abuzz with the phenomenon of “everything showers,” where individuals share their elaborate beauty routines involving scalp massages, hair masks, and exfoliation. But now, there’s a new oppositional trend emerging called “nothing showers” that focuses primarily on mental well-being. Unlike everything showers, nothing showers are not about physical cleansing but rather about taking a moment to prioritize mental health.

TikTokers have been sharing their experiences with nothing showers, highlighting the benefits of these shower routines for clearing the mind and promoting a sense of relaxation. According to Mollie Fraser, a TikToker, a nothing shower is more of a “spiritual cleansing” than a physical one. It’s an opportunity to rinse off the day and simply stand under the warm water, allowing the mind to wander freely.

But what exactly constitutes a nothing shower? The beauty of it is that there are no rules. TikTokers who have taken nothing showers claim that the focus is not on cleansing the body but on finding mental solace. In fact, some individuals even admit that their nothing showers don’t involve cleaning any part of their body at all.

While luxuriating under hot water seems to be a hallmark of nothing showers, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential effects on the skin. Dermatologists caution against routinely taking extremely hot showers, as this can damage the skin.

But are nothing showers truly beneficial for mental health? Mental health expert Melissa Miller suggests that there could indeed be a correlation between hot showers and grounding during times of anxiety or depression. The concept of grounding involves focusing one’s attention on the present moment, diverting thoughts and emotions elsewhere. By leveraging the five senses, such as listening to a favorite song or using a favorite soap, individuals can counteract physical symptoms of anxiety.

While nothing showers can offer a moment of respite and relaxation, it’s important to remember that there are other grounding exercises that can be practiced outside of the shower. Box-breathing, a technique involving controlled breathing, has been proven to relax the mind and improve concentration in the present moment.

Ultimately, the allure of hot showers lies in their ability to soothe the mind and body. As individuals associate relaxation with hot showers, they condition their minds to embrace the calming effects of these rituals. So why not give yourself the gift of a mindful shower and let the warm water wash away your worries?


What is an “everything shower”?

An everything shower is an extensive shower routine that includes various beauty treatments for the body, skin, and hair. It aims to address every part of the body, leaving individuals feeling physically refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is a “nothing shower”?

A nothing shower is a shower routine that focuses on mental well-being rather than physical cleansing. It provides individuals with a moment of respite to clear the mind and promote relaxation.

Are nothing showers good for mental health?

Nothing showers can have positive effects on mental health by promoting relaxation and grounding. The warm water and sensory experiences during a nothing shower can help individuals alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How can I practice grounding exercises outside of the shower?

There are various grounding exercises that can be practiced outside of the shower. One effective technique is box-breathing, which involves controlled inhalation, holding the breath, and exhalation. Other exercises include mindfulness meditation, journaling, and engaging in physical activities that bring you joy and presence in the moment.

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