Trusting Your Gut: Mother Shares Message After Daughter Diagnosed with Rare Virus

Trusting Your Gut: Mother Shares Message After Daughter Diagnosed with Rare Virus

A young girl from West Michigan has been diagnosed with a rare variant of a common virus, and now her mother wants to share an important message with other parents. Irene Whitehead is urging parents to trust their gut instincts when it comes to their children’s health.

Three-month-old Ryleigh was recently hospitalized after experiencing cold-like symptoms and difficulty breathing. Initially, Irene was told that it was allergies or the flu. However, it turned out to be something else entirely – HPIV-4, also known as parainfluenza-4.

HPIV-4 is a rarely diagnosed variant of the parainfluenza virus. The fourth strand of this virus is not commonly tested for in respiratory virus panels, making it difficult to diagnose. According to the CDC, parainfluenza viruses commonly infect infants and young children, although anyone can get infected.

This is not the first time Irene has dealt with parainfluenza. Two years ago, she lost her son to the virus, who passed away after initially experiencing a cough. That experience has made Irene even more adamant about trusting her instincts when it comes to her children’s health.

Ryleigh’s case was severe, and she was also fighting a bacterial infection at the same time. It took several doctor visits for her to receive a proper diagnosis. Irene wants other parents to know that they should trust their gut instincts and seek medical attention if they feel that something is not right with their child’s health.

Ryleigh is now recovering at home, and her symptoms are being treated while a heart monitor tracks her vitals as she sleeps. Despite the difficult journey, experts believe that she will make a full recovery.

The family has also created a GoFundMe page to help with Ryleigh’s medical bills.

– CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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