Maximizing the Potential of Your Healthcare Investments: A Fresh Perspective from VettaFi and abrdn

Maximizing the Potential of Your Healthcare Investments: A Fresh Perspective from VettaFi and abrdn

Investing in healthcare has always been a popular choice for investors, but in recent years, the landscape of the industry has evolved significantly. The emergence of biotech, genomics, and other groundbreaking research areas has presented new opportunities and challenges for those looking to make the most of their healthcare investments.

To navigate this changing landscape, VettaFi and abrdn are coming together to present a webcast that will explore how to maximize the potential of your healthcare investments with a diversified portfolio. This webcast, scheduled for December 12, 2023, at 10am PT | 1pm ET, is a must-attend event for financial professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve.

Rather than sticking to outdated healthcare investment strategies, the experts at VettaFi and abrdn will discuss the latest trends and developments in the healthcare space. By understanding these changes, investors can make informed decisions about their portfolios and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

One key topic that will be explored is the impact of market volatility on healthcare investments. As with any investment, the healthcare sector is not immune to market fluctuations. However, by diversifying your portfolio and adopting a long-term perspective, you can mitigate the effects of volatility and potentially achieve greater returns.

During the webcast, you’ll hear from esteemed speakers such as Daniel Omstead, Ph.D., Head of Healthcare Investments at abrdn, Jason Akus, Senior Investments Manager at abrdn, and Tom Lydon, Vice Chairman of VettaFi. Their expertise and insights will provide you with valuable guidance on navigating the ever-changing healthcare investment landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and ensure you’re maximizing the potential of your healthcare investments. Register for the webcast today and join the conversation with VettaFi and abrdn.


1. Can I attend the webcast if I’m not a financial professional?

This webcast is specifically designed for financial professionals who have an interest in healthcare investments. However, if you have a general interest in the topic, you are welcome to attend.

2. Will I earn any continuing education credits for attending?

Pending acceptance, this webcast will offer one hour of CFP/IWI/The American College Board CE credit for live and on-demand attendees. Please check with your professional organization for specific credit requirements.

3. How do I access the webcast?

To access the webcast, you will need to register through the provided link. Once registered, you will receive further instructions on how to join the webcast on the scheduled date and time.

4. Can I unsubscribe from communications after registering?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. By registering, you are certifying that you are a financial professional and agree to share your data with VettaFi. However, VettaFi’s Privacy Policy ensures that your information is protected and you have the option to opt-out of future communications.

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