Community Hospital Enhances Efficiency with Infor Cloud Applications

Community Hospital Enhances Efficiency with Infor Cloud Applications

Wayne HealthCare, a renowned acute care hospital in Ohio, has successfully implemented Infor cloud applications to improve its financials and interoperability capabilities. In partnership with Infor partner GForce, Wayne HealthCare has migrated critical back-office applications to the cloud, enabling them to stay agile for steady growth while delivering high-quality patient care.

By eliminating disparate platforms, Infor has helped streamline processes in near real time, driving adoption, compliance, and productivity. The next-generation Financials & Supply Management (FSM) applications provided by Infor are data-driven, consumer-inspired, and mobile-enabled, empowering teams at Wayne HealthCare to better understand key business drivers and visualize changes that will foster growth.

With modern, cloud-based tools, leadership now has access to the information they need to comprehend risks, overall business performance, and the impacts of system-wide decisions. This enables them to make more informed choices and deliver better outcomes for the community.

In addition to upgrading financials, Wayne HealthCare has implemented Infor Clinical Bridge, which bridges the gap between clinical and business systems. This streamlines operations, reduces supply expenses, and maximizes staff productivity. Clinical Bridge, powered by the Infor Cloverleaf Integration engine, establishes secure connectivity between the electronic health record (EHR) system and business applications, minimizing errors, streamlining workflows, and reducing manual data entry.

Travis Hatmaker, Infor Senior Vice President of Industry & Solution Strategy, emphasizes the importance of empowering healthcare teams by eliminating administrative burdens and repetitive tasks. Infor aims to eliminate data silos and enable efficient information sharing, ultimately increasing patient satisfaction and helping healthcare organizations do more with less.

Overall, Wayne HealthCare’s implementation of Infor cloud applications has improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced their ability to deliver exceptional patient care to the community.

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