Washington Hospital Healthcare System Performs First Cases with TMINI Miniature Robotic System

Washington Hospital Healthcare System Performs First Cases with TMINI Miniature Robotic System

The Washington Hospital Healthcare System, based in Fremont, California, recently made history by performing the first-ever cases using the TMINI™ Miniature Robotic System. Developed by orthopedic robotics innovator THINK Surgical, the TMINI™ system is designed specifically for total knee replacement.

The TMINI system received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2023 and is now being commercially launched across the United States. The system includes a wireless robotic handpiece that assists surgeons in performing total knee replacement. By following a CT-based three-dimensional surgical plan, the TMINI robotic handpiece compensates for surgeon hand movement, enabling precise location of surgical instruments. The system is easy to use and replaces many of the manual instruments currently used for knee replacement surgery.

One of the unique features of the TMINI system is its open implant library. Unlike existing robotic platforms that can only be used with one brand of implant, THINK Surgical’s open implant approach allows surgeons to choose an implant from different manufacturers for each patient. This flexibility gives surgeons more freedom and improves patient outcomes.

Larry LaBossiere, Vice President and COO at Washington Hospital Healthcare System, praised THINK Surgical for their innovative approach and the benefits it brings. He emphasized that THINK Surgical’s open implant platform allows for the utilization of different implants from various manufacturers, enhancing operating efficiency and benefiting both patients and providers.

Dr. Alexander Sah, Medical Co-Director at the Institute for Joint Restoration at Washington Hospital, expressed his excitement about the TMINI system’s potential, especially in outpatient surgery centers. He believes that handheld technology will be the next significant advancement in robotic surgery, and he is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation, providing exceptional knee replacement outcomes to his patients.

The collaboration between THINK Surgical and Washington Hospital exemplifies the importance of local partnerships in bringing new technologies to communities. Stuart Simpson, President and CEO of THINK Surgical, expressed his delight in partnering with Washington Hospital and emphasized their joint mission to make this technology accessible to more surgeons and patients across the United States and globally.

THINK Surgical, Inc. is a U.S.-based technology innovator that develops and markets orthopedic robots. Their open implant platforms allow for the support of implant brands from multiple manufacturers, giving surgeons the freedom to choose the best implant for their patients.

Source: THINK Surgical, Inc.

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