Walmart’s Healthcare Division: A Transformative Journey

Walmart’s Healthcare Division: A Transformative Journey

1. Walmart’s CEO, Douglas McMillon, is one of the prominent figures on As You Sow’s 10th report on CEO salaries within the S&P 500. Ranked 19th, McMillon’s annual income stands at an impressive $25.31 million, with a CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 933-to-1. While this ranking may stir debate, it sheds light on the vast compensation packages received by top executives.

2. Recently, a consumer filed a lawsuit against Global Pharma Healthcare, alleging that their recalled product, EzriCare Artificial Tears, caused severe eye infections leading to numerous medical appointments, surgeries, and a lengthy hospital stay. The recalled eyedrops have been associated with a rare strain of bacteria capable of causing eye loss, infections, and even patient fatalities. The lawsuit includes Walmart, Amazon, EzriCare, and Aru Pharma as defendants, underlining the challenges faced by companies included in the distribution chain.

3. Orlando Health, a renowned healthcare system based in Florida, has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Walmart. This collaboration aims to expand the scope of care available to patients by integrating Walmart Health and Orlando Health’s facilities. By coordinating care for Walmart’s patients admitted to Orlando Health hospitals or requiring specialized treatments, both organizations strive to improve patient outcomes and experience.

4. As part of its ongoing efforts to address healthcare disparities and prioritize employee well-being, Walmart plans to provide doula services as part of its healthcare coverage. By offering this additional support during pregnancy and childbirth, Walmart aims to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of its employees and their infants. Particularly in regions with limited healthcare access, this comprehensive program can make a significant impact.

5. Recognizing the importance of accessible healthcare, Walmart has partnered with Included Health to expand its virtual primary care options for employees nationwide. This strategic alliance allows Walmart employees to access essential healthcare services remotely, providing convenience and immediate care when needed. With virtual care becoming increasingly relevant, this collaboration ensures that employees receive prompt and high-quality medical attention.

6. Walmart has identified a notable shift in food demand among individuals taking GLP-1s, such as Ozempic or Wegovy. This observation highlights the impact of these medications on dietary habits and indicates the evolving needs of specific customer segments. By acknowledging these changes, Walmart can better cater to the unique dietary requirements of its customers.

7. In an effort to foster inclusivity and diversity, Walmart has revised its job requirements, eliminating the necessity for a college degree in many roles, including corporate positions. Recognizing that practical experience and skills are paramount, Walmart aims to increase workforce diversity and open doors to individuals who possess talent and capability beyond traditional academic qualifications.


Q: What is a doula?
A: A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional and physical support to individuals during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Q: What are GLP-1s?
A: GLP-1s are a class of medications used to treat type 2 diabetes. They help regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating the production of insulin and reducing glucose production in the liver.

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