Diphtheria Outbreaks in Dien Bien Province Prompt Vaccination Plan

Diphtheria Outbreaks in Dien Bien Province Prompt Vaccination Plan

The province of Dien Bien in northwest Vietnam has recently experienced three outbreaks of diphtheria, resulting in six cases, including one fatality. In response to the situation, the Department of Health of Dien Bien province has issued the third phase of a diphtheria vaccination plan for 2023.

Starting from September 18 to September 30, 2023, it is estimated that 2,336 individuals between the ages of seven and 20 in the Pu Hong commune of Dien Bien Dong district and Huoi Mi commune of Muong Cha district will be vaccinated against diphtheria. This proactive measure aims to prevent the further spread of the disease and protect the local population.

To ensure the success of the vaccination plan, the Dien Bien Health sector has advised individuals within the specified age group in the affected communes to proactively seek vaccination at their local Commune Health Station. It is important for people to follow the instructions provided by the health authorities for disease prevention.

In addition to vaccination, specialized units have been assigned to conduct thorough investigations and verifications. They are tasked with compiling a list of individuals who have been in close contact with the confirmed cases. Furthermore, medical samples will be collected from suspected cases and those in contact with the confirmed cases.

Measures are also being taken to provide antibiotics for preventive treatment to individuals residing in villages with confirmed cases. Environmental disinfection is being carried out to minimize the risk of further transmission. The health authorities are actively engaging in various forms of communication to raise awareness and encourage the community to implement disease prevention and control measures.

Diphtheria outbreaks pose a significant threat to public health, and it is crucial to respond promptly and effectively to prevent further spread. Vaccination programs and comprehensive surveillance are essential in tackling such outbreaks and protecting the well-being of affected communities.

Definition of terms:
– Diphtheria: an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae, usually affecting the respiratory system. It is characterized by a sore throat, fever, and the formation of a thick greyish coating on the back of the throat, which can obstruct the airways.

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