Narrabri Couple Sets Sights on Fundraising Milestone for Children’s Charity

Narrabri Couple Sets Sights on Fundraising Milestone for Children’s Charity

Tracey Rex and Stuart Black, participants in Narrabri’s annual Variety Bash, are aiming to reach a significant milestone in their support for the children’s charity. Having recently completed the 2023 NSW Variety Bash, the couple is now eagerly anticipating the next year’s event, which will bring the journey closer to home.

For Tracey, the 2024 Variety Bash will mark her 21st time participating, while Stuart will be taking part for the 10th time. Over the course of nearly two decades of involvement, Tracey estimates that she has raised close to $200,000, all thanks to the generous support of the Narrabri community.

This year’s bash, which offered new scenery for the seasoned participants, included visits to small schools along the journey. Tracey and Stuart expressed their joy at witnessing the happiness that the event brings to children. Dressed in their bright Super Mario-themed costumes, the couple stood out during the bash. In one heartwarming encounter, Tracey, dressed as a princess, met a little girl who promptly appeared in her own princess costume. The moment brought great excitement to both of them.

Tracey and Stuart are continuing their involvement by taking part in a mini bash, starting in Muswellbrook, followed by lunch in Nundle, and an overnight stop in Gloucester. This mini bash serves as an excellent opportunity for newcomers to get a taste of the overall experience on a smaller scale.

Looking ahead, next year’s Variety Bash, scheduled for May, will kick off in Gunnedah and continue its journey north to Warwick and Roma before returning to Newcastle via Mungindi, Moree, Mallawa, and Mullaley.

With their dedication and enthusiasm for the cause, Tracey and Stuart are making a lasting impact on the lives of children in need, and their ongoing efforts are truly commendable.

– Narrabri’s fundraising Variety Bash participants aim for milestone.

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