The Search for a Home for Dalan Animal Health’s Honeybee Vaccine

The Search for a Home for Dalan Animal Health’s Honeybee Vaccine

In 2022, Annette Kleiser, the CEO of Dalan Animal Health, was on the hunt for a new research university to collaborate with for the development of their honeybee vaccine. As the world’s first honeybee vaccine, it was important for Kleiser to find a university that had top veterinary and agriculture schools, conducted honeybee research, and had a strong animal health ecosystem.

Finding the right research university was crucial for Dalan Animal Health, as they needed the expertise and resources that such an institution could provide. With honeybee populations facing numerous threats, including diseases and parasites, the development of a vaccine was seen as a potential solution to help protect these pollinators.

Kleiser sought out universities that had excellent veterinary and agriculture schools, as these would provide the necessary knowledge and expertise in animal health and agriculture. Additionally, she looked for universities that had ongoing honeybee research, as this would indicate a commitment to understanding and addressing the challenges facing honeybees.

The chosen university also needed to have an established animal health ecosystem. This ecosystem would include collaborations with other research institutions, industry partnerships, and a supportive local community that recognized the importance of animal health research.

Ultimately, finding the right research university would ensure that Dalan Animal Health could access the necessary expertise, resources, and collaborations to successfully develop and commercialize their honeybee vaccine.


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