New Measures Implemented in Lucknow to Combat Dengue Fever Outbreak

New Measures Implemented in Lucknow to Combat Dengue Fever Outbreak

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – As the city of Lucknow grapples with a recent surge in dengue fever cases, local health authorities and officials are taking proactive measures to address the situation and prevent further spread of the disease. The latest statistics reveal that the city has recorded two deaths, one suspected to be related to dengue fever and the other due to high-grade fever.

Manas Agrawal, a 39-year-old resident of Arjunganj, tragically lost his life after battling dengue infection. Meanwhile, Mangal Prasad, a retired railway clerk, succumbed to high-grade fever. While the health department officials deny that Prasad’s death was caused by dengue, they are currently conducting an audit to ascertain the exact cause.

In an effort to contain the outbreak, the authorities have intensified monitoring and surveillance in the areas most affected by the disease. According to the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) spokesperson, Yogesh Raghuwanshi, the condition of those diagnosed with dengue is being closely monitored. He also urged individuals to take fever symptoms seriously and seek medical attention promptly.

To combat the breeding of mosquitoes, which are the carriers of dengue, the health department is conducting inspections and urging residents to eliminate mosquito breeding sites around their homes. In addition, public awareness campaigns have been launched to educate the public about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, using mosquito repellents, and adopting preventive measures such as keeping the surroundings clean and stagnant water-free.

These efforts have already yielded some positive results, as Lucknow has seen a decline in new dengue cases. On Monday, 29 new infections were reported, bringing the overall count to over 2,400. However, it is crucial to remain vigilant and continue practicing preventive measures to ensure the situation is fully under control.


Q: How many deaths related to dengue fever were recorded in Lucknow?
A: Two deaths, one suspected to be dengue-related and the other due to high-grade fever.

Q: Are health authorities taking actions to address the outbreak?
A: Yes, the health department has intensified monitoring and surveillance measures and is conducting inspections of mosquito breeding sites.

Q: What preventive measures are being promoted?
A: Public awareness campaigns emphasize personal hygiene, using mosquito repellents, and eliminating stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding.

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