Growing Divide in Canadian Views on Gender Identity, Survey Finds

Growing Divide in Canadian Views on Gender Identity, Survey Finds

A recent survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) reveals that there is a growing divide in Canadian views on gender identity. The survey, which included 3,016 Canadian adults, found that different groups hold competing views on gender definition, womanhood, and transgender issues.

One of the key findings of the survey is that 56% of Canadians define a person as either male or female. However, there are differences based on gender, with 63% of male respondents preferring a binary definition compared to 49% of female respondents and 20% of respondents who identify as neither male nor female.

The survey also highlighted divisions among Canadians regarding the definition of a woman. While 35% of respondents believe that a woman is anyone who identifies as such, 34% believe that a woman is someone who was born anatomically female. Furthermore, 18% of respondents would also consider someone who has undergone gender-affirming surgery to be a woman.

The survey also addressed transgender rights and discrimination. The majority of Canadians surveyed (71%) believe that transgender people in Canada face significant discrimination in their daily lives, and 64% see increasing acceptance of trans people as a sign of social progress.

The survey also touched on the topic of transgender children. Most Canadians surveyed (69%) would accept and work with their child if they showed an affinity for a gender other than that of their birth. However, the survey revealed that there is division among respondents on whether parents should have to consent to their child’s decision to change their preferred name or pronouns.

In terms of sports, Canadians have mixed opinions on whether transgender individuals should be allowed to participate. While 39% believe it depends on the sport, 31% believe that trans girls should be allowed to play sports with other girls without reservation, and 30% believe they should not be allowed.

The survey findings suggest that there are significant gaps in understanding and acceptance of gender identity in Canada. It is crucial for society to continue discussing and addressing these issues in order to promote inclusivity and equality for all.


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