Transgender Woman in Manitoba Denied Follow-Up Facial Feminization Surgery, Leaving Her in Limbo

Transgender Woman in Manitoba Denied Follow-Up Facial Feminization Surgery, Leaving Her in Limbo

A transgender woman in Manitoba is speaking out about the province’s failure to respond to her requests for a follow-up facial feminization surgery. Despite being diagnosed with gender dysphoria and successfully appealing the province’s initial refusal to cover the surgery, she has yet to receive a response from Manitoba Health regarding coverage for the necessary follow-up procedures.

The woman emphasizes that these procedures are not cosmetic but crucial to her well-being and treatment of her dysphoria. She has been living with extreme distress due to the impacts of her dysphoria and the inability to access the gender-affirming care she needs. Without the surgery, she feels unable to live a normal life and be a productive member of society.

The woman’s previous appeal yielded a landmark decision in her favor, acknowledging the significant impact of dysphoria on her mental health and safety. Facial feminization surgery is considered a highly specialized gender-affirming procedure, and while Manitoba Health covers other gender-affirming surgeries, they have yet to include facial feminization surgery in their coverage.

The delays and lack of response from Manitoba Health have left the transgender woman feeling as though she is being held hostage by the process. She emphasizes that facial feminization surgery is not solely cosmetic but can be life-saving for those suffering from gender dysphoria. It can lower instances of suicide, suicide ideation, and prevent violence against transgender individuals.

Unfortunately, very few provinces in Canada currently provide coverage for facial feminization surgery as part of their gender-affirming care policies. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health recognizes the significant impact of facial feminization surgery on the quality of life for those with gender dysphoria.

It is crucial for provinces to expand their coverage to include facial feminization surgery, as it is a vital component of gender-affirming care. The visible nature of the face makes it particularly important for transgender individuals seeking validation and safety in the outside world. The transgender woman in Manitoba is advocating for her rights to access this medically necessary procedure to live a normal life.

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