Toddler Dies in Tragic Accident After Falling Into Paddling Pool

Toddler Dies in Tragic Accident After Falling Into Paddling Pool

A 2-year-old girl from Laois, Ireland, tragically lost her life after falling into a paddling pool in the garden of her childminder’s home. Hannah Kealy was discovered lying face down in the pool shortly after being dropped off by her mother. Despite efforts to save her, she was pronounced dead at Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street.

Hannah had been attending the childminder’s house for one-and-a-half years and was familiar with the surroundings. On the day of the incident, her mother dropped her off before going to work. The childminder, Ann McDonald, testified that the morning proceeded as usual, with Hannah asking about her own children and enjoying breakfast.

Tragedy struck when Ms. McDonald went to the back door to greet another parent, Karen Lawlor. When she returned, she found Hannah lying face down in the paddling pool. Ms. McDonald immediately put her in the recovery position and called for help. The witness, Ms. Lawlor, tried to resuscitate Hannah and was eventually successful in detecting a weak pulse.

Unfortunately, medical staff at the hospital determined that Hannah had suffered a significant period without oxygen. The post-mortem results indicated that she had suffered a brain injury from the drowning incident, with pneumonia as a contributory factor.

Garda Brian Kelly, who investigated the incident, found a toy tractor next to the paddling pool. It is believed that Hannah had used the tractor to gain access to the pool, which was larger than standard and had a depth of 2-2½ feet.

This tragic accident serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety, especially when young children are involved. It is essential to ensure appropriate supervision and secure barriers around pools, even temporary ones like paddling pools. Our hearts go out to Hannah’s family during this devastating time.

– Dublin District Coroner’s Court
– Collins Photo Agency

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