Tiruchy Sheds Light on Dengue Prevention

Tiruchy Sheds Light on Dengue Prevention

Tiruchy, a district in India, is taking proactive measures to combat dengue fever. The Tiruchy Collector, M Pradeep Kumar, recently visited the Government Hospital’s dengue special ward to interact with patients and medical staff and ensure proper treatment and prevention measures are in place.

With five dengue positive cases currently under treatment in the special ward, the Collector inspected the lab and queried the medical analysis process as well as the functionality of medical tools. He stressed the importance of round-the-clock monitoring and requested doctors to educate people about seasonal flu and other viral infections, raising awareness about the outbreak of dengue.

The Collector also emphasized the importance of maintaining adequate stock of medicines and other requirements and ensuring a clean environment not just in the ward but throughout the hospital premises. Additionally, the outpatient ward for fever was inspected, with instructions to gather thorough patient details for further follow-up by the health department.

The delegation accompanying the Collector included Dean Dr Nehru, Medical Superintendent Dr E Arunraj, and others, indicating the seriousness of the issue and the commitment of the local authorities to combat dengue.

Meanwhile, in Madurai, the City Corporation has also intensified its efforts to prevent dengue. Mayor Indrani Ponvasanth directed the implementation of an anti-dengue drive, resulting in the imposition of fines on two individuals – a vehicle workshop owner and a shopping mall owner – for maintaining mosquito breeding sources in the form of worn-out tires and old drums in Ward 72.

With 530 field workers engaged in the anti-dengue drive, the Madurai Corporation is also taking additional precautionary measures ahead of the Northeast monsoon season in order to reduce the risk of dengue outbreaks.

Sources: Tiruchy District Health Department, Madurai Corporation

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