American TikToker and Triathlete Upset After Losing $16,000 Bike on Air Canada Flight

American TikToker and Triathlete Upset After Losing $16,000 Bike on Air Canada Flight

Noel Mulkey, an American TikToker and competitive triathlete, is frustrated after his $16,000 bike went missing during an Air Canada flight from Europe to Montreal. Mulkey had competed in the IRONMAN World Championships in Nice, France, and brought his TREK bike with him for the event. Despite his bike being packed in a large, green storage box that he usually takes on long-haul flights, the bike disappeared.

Mulkey and his mother have spent the past six days trying to get answers from Air Canada about the missing bike, but have been met with a lack of response. In an effort to put pressure on the airline, Mulkey posted videos about his ordeal on TikTok, which have gained over 380,000 views.

After reaching out to Air Canada customer service, Mulkey received a tracking number for a FedEx delivery. However, when the package arrived at his home, it only contained the racing wheels of the bike, which he had packed separately. The bike frame and training wheels in the green box were still missing.

Mulkey expressed his frustration with Air Canada’s customer service, stating that they gave him the runaround and would often disconnect calls after putting him on hold for extended periods of time. Air Canada has stated that the bike arrived in Montreal and will be delivered to Mulkey soon, but as of the latest update, he still hasn’t heard from the airline.

This incident adds to the growing list of complaints about Canadian airlines in recent months, including lost luggage, flight delays, and cancellations. Mulkey, who frequently travels as an athlete, mentioned that he had lost his bike once before on a Qantas flight but was able to retrieve it within a few days.

Mulkey’s mother, Karen Mulkey, expressed her frustration with the situation, emphasizing that the bike is her son’s livelihood and that it’s been difficult to get confirmation on what will happen next.

Mulkey usually places an AirTag, a Bluetooth tracking device, in the bike box, but unfortunately, he forgot to do so this time. He regrets not having the tracking device in place, especially when it was most needed.

Source: CTV News

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