A Personal Journey: Mother and Daughter Share Their Experience with Hereditary Breast Cancer

A Personal Journey: Mother and Daughter Share Their Experience with Hereditary Breast Cancer

Wendy Watson and her daughter, Becky Measures, are set to launch a unique and engaging podcast called “Mother and Daughter BREAST of Friends” during Hereditary Breast Cancer Awareness Week. The podcast aims to raise awareness about hereditary breast cancer in an enjoyable and informative way.

Wendy became the first woman in Britain to undergo preventative surgery, having both breasts removed, 30 years ago. Inspired by her mother’s bravery, Becky also underwent the same procedure in 2004 after discovering her high risk of developing breast cancer.

Their podcast serves as a platform for their everyday mother-daughter relationship, while also providing valuable insights and life lessons to its listeners. Wendy, who founded the Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline, hopes that the podcast will transform the lives of those who tune in and share their story.

During the last week of September, “Mother and Daughter BREAST of Friends” will release a series of informative and engaging episodes. Listeners can expect discussions on medical advancements, legal considerations, personal journeys, and emotional triumphs related to hereditary breast cancer. Through conversations, expert interviews, and personal stories, Wendy and Becky aim to spread awareness and inspire others.

The podcast is proudly sponsored by Aware, a dedicated advocate for breast health and self-examinations. By partnering with Aware, Wendy and Becky hope to reach the 97% of people who are unaware that they carry a gene for hereditary breast cancer.

To access the episodes, listeners can visit the podcast’s website at www.motherdaughterbreastfriends.co.uk. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and most importantly, learn the signs of hereditary breast cancer through this empowering and entertaining podcast.

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