Brick by Brick: Recreating Montreal’s Iconic Buildings in LEGO

Brick by Brick: Recreating Montreal’s Iconic Buildings in LEGO

In the vibrant city of Montreal, there is a local artist who has taken it upon themselves to recreate the city’s most iconic buildings in the form of LEGO. Addy Parsons, an Ottawa-born Montrealer, has dedicated their talent and passion to bring the beloved landmarks of Montreal to life in brick form.

From the Orange Julep to Schwartz’s Deli, and even a Couche Tard depanneur, these iconic buildings hold a special place in the hearts of Montrealers. Parsons has meticulously crafted these structures with LEGO bricks, capturing their unique architectural details and charm.

Using the popular toy bricks, Parsons meticulously recreates the essence and character of each building, paying attention to every intricate detail. Their dedication shines through in the remarkable accuracy of each LEGO creation.

With a city as diverse and culturally rich as Montreal, there is no shortage of inspiration for Parsons. Each building holds its own history and significance, making the process of recreating them all the more meaningful. By meticulously researching and studying the buildings, Parsons pays tribute to their legacy through their LEGO creations.

Parsons’ work not only captures the spirit of the city but also serves as a visual reminder of Montreal’s heritage and architectural marvels. Their creations provide a unique perspective, allowing both locals and visitors to admire and appreciate these landmarks in a new and innovative way.

Through their talent and passion, Parsons brings joy and wonder to individuals of all ages. Their LEGO creations not only serve as a testament to the city’s rich history but also inspire others to see and appreciate the beauty in everyday structures.

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– LEGO: A popular toy consisting of interlocking plastic bricks, used to construct various structures.

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