Spot Check: Raising Awareness of Womb Cancer Symptoms

Spot Check: Raising Awareness of Womb Cancer Symptoms

Womb cancer, the fourth most common cancer in women in the UK, often goes unnoticed due to lack of awareness about its symptoms. Every year, over 9,700 women are diagnosed with this cancer, and while 90% of those diagnosed early survive, the survival rate drops to 15% for those diagnosed at a late stage.

To address this awareness gap, two health charities, The Eve Appeal and Peaches Womb Cancer Trust, have launched a new campaign called ‘Spot Check’. The campaign aims to educate people about the signs and symptoms of womb cancer and encourage them to seek medical advice when necessary.

The survey conducted by the charities found that over a third of the respondents had never heard of womb cancer or were unsure if they had heard of it. Only 43% of the participants were aware that vaginal bleeding after menopause could be a symptom of womb cancer. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of womb cancer, and 90% of cases are identified through this symptom.

The ‘Spot Check’ campaign emphasizes the importance of recognizing the red flag symptoms of womb cancer, which include vaginal bleeding after menopause, bleeding after sex, blood-stained vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods before menopause, and heavier than normal periods before menopause. Posters showcasing these symptoms will be displayed in women’s public toilets across 24 locations in the UK for four weeks.

The campaign aims to ignite conversations about what is normal for individuals and encourages everyone to seek medical advice if they experience any abnormal symptoms. Women are urged not to feel embarrassed and to push for answers to rule out womb cancer. The campaign also provides resources for information and support through The Eve Appeal’s Ask Eve service.

It is crucial to raise awareness about womb cancer and its symptoms to ensure early detection and improve survival rates. By educating the public and encouraging open conversations about gynecological health, the ‘Spot Check’ campaign hopes to make a significant impact in tackling this often overlooked cancer.

– Womb cancer: Also known as uterine or endometrial cancer, it refers to cancer that develops in the lining of the womb (uterus) in women.
– Abnormal vaginal bleeding: Any bleeding that is not part of a regular menstrual cycle or occurs after menopause.

– The Eve Appeal
– Peaches Womb Cancer Trust

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