Mosquito Infestation in Kent Town Causes Misery for Residents

Mosquito Infestation in Kent Town Causes Misery for Residents

A mosquito infestation is causing misery for residents in the town of Sandwich in Kent, with some people staying indoors to avoid being bitten. Swarms of mosquitoes have been biting people living near the water’s edge, leading to adverse reactions and the need for medical intervention. This is not the first time that residents have complained about mosquitoes in the area. Last year, there were similar complaints during unusually warm weather.

Residents are calling on Dover District Council (DDC) to take action, but the local authority claims it cannot currently do so. District councillor Dan Friend, who has been pushing for more testing, stated that while testing results show no problem, the experiences of residents indicate otherwise. The source of the mosquitoes is elusive, as they can travel up to three miles and could be breeding in a small water source on private land.

The town of Sandwich is close to salt marshes, which makes it more susceptible to mosquito infestations during the summer months. The mosquitoes found in the area are primarily the Aedes detritus species, which develops along the banks of the River Stour. Another mosquito with a vicious bite, known as Culiseta annulata, is also found locally.

DDC is only permitted to treat mosquitoes on a particular stretch of the River Stour and tests for mosquito larvae three times a year. Treatment is banned from the end of April to September. Despite these measures, many residents have expressed their frustration on social media, sharing stories of infected bites and the restriction of outdoor activities.

The Environment Agency stated that it is not responsible for the areas where mosquitoes breed. The local authority sympathizes with residents but has not reached the requirements for treating mosquito larvae. They advise residents to take preventive measures such as using chemical repellents, fly screens, and draining or sealing still-water sources.

Overall, locals in Sandwich are facing significant challenges due to the mosquito influx. The issue has persisted for many years, and residents are hopeful that further testing and action can be taken to alleviate their suffering.

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