The Low Adoption of Adult Immunisation in India: Insights from Survey

The Low Adoption of Adult Immunisation in India: Insights from Survey

A recently conducted survey by The Association of Physicians in India (API) and Ipsos has shed light on the reasons behind the low adoption of adult immunisation in India among those aged 50 years and older. The survey, conducted in 16 cities, gathered responses from adults, their caregivers, and doctors, providing valuable insights into this issue.

According to the survey, although 71% of adults aged ≥50 years are aware of adult vaccination, a mere 16% have taken any adult vaccines. The survey reveals a significant difference in the reasons provided by patients and doctors for this low adoption rate.

Doctors participating in the survey attribute the low adoption of adult immunisation to the lack of formal guidelines. This lack of guidelines not only results in patients showing little interest in vaccination but also discourages doctors from discussing adult vaccination with their patients. Doctors cited limited time as a constraint and expressed concerns about patients’ cost considerations and prioritisation of treatment over prevention. In fact, the survey shows that doctors have only recommended adult vaccination to 16% of adults aged 50 years or older.

On the other hand, patients stated that they have not proactively taken adult vaccination because they do not receive firm recommendations from their doctors. A significant 91% of adults aged ≥50 rely on their doctor’s recommendation to get vaccinated, highlighting the vital role that doctors play in driving vaccination uptake.

To address the low adoption of adult immunisation in India, it is crucial to establish formal guidelines for adult vaccination and disseminate this information to both doctors and patients. Creating awareness campaigns about the importance of adult vaccination and the availability of vaccines at affordable prices could also help increase uptake.

Overall, the survey indicates a clear need for improved communication between doctors and patients regarding adult vaccination. By providing clear recommendations and engaging in discussions about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of vaccines, doctors can play a significant role in encouraging adults aged 50 years and older to take up immunisation.

– Adoption: The act or process of beginning to use or accept something.
– Immunisation: The process of making a person or animal immune to an infection, typically by administering a vaccine.

Source: The Association of Physicians in India (API) and Ipsos survey, 2021.

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