SC4 Faculty Art Showcase Highlights Talent and Passion

SC4 Faculty Art Showcase Highlights Talent and Passion

St. Clair County Community College (SC4) is currently hosting its annual faculty art showcase, titled “Collectively Independent.” The exhibition, which opened on September 18th and will run until October 20th, is free and open to the public. It features a wide range of thought-provoking artwork created by the talented faculty members of SC4.

The showcase includes original works from faculty members who teach courses in various artistic disciplines, such as graphic design, art history, and photography. The artworks on display represent a diverse range of mediums, including sculptures, photographs, illustrations, and more. This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for students and community members to observe the artistic interests and expertise of SC4 instructors.

Participating faculty members in the showcase include Jacob Vinson, Alan Vidali, Jacqueline Mahannah, Brian Kovach, Jason Palmer, Mark Rummel, Elizabeth Sevick, and Sarah Flatter. According to Sarah Flatter, a professor of fine arts at SC4, this annual exhibit allows faculty members to showcase their talents to a wider audience, making it one of her favorites. She encourages everyone to visit the exhibit, as it displays exceptional work that is worth checking out.

SC4 is known for offering a wide array of courses and programs in the arts. For students interested in pursuing their passion for the arts, SC4 provides a diverse range of opportunities to explore and develop their creative skills. The college offers fast-path classes starting on September 18th and October 16th. More information about these classes, as well as the rest of the arts and other events at SC4, can be found on the college’s website.

In conclusion, the SC4 faculty art showcase, “Collectively Independent,” is a must-see exhibition for art enthusiasts and members of the community. It provides a platform for SC4 faculty members to share their talent and passion through thought-provoking artworks. The showcase is a testament to the artistic expertise and dedication of the faculty at SC4.


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