Sengkang General Hospital Addresses TikTok Complaint about Waiting Time for Painkillers

Sengkang General Hospital Addresses TikTok Complaint about Waiting Time for Painkillers

Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) has responded to a TikTok video complaint where a patient claimed to have waited nearly two hours for painkillers and resorted to ordering them through foodpanda. In a Facebook post, SKH emphasized that it prioritizes patients in emergency cases over less urgent ones, resulting in potential longer waiting times for patients with less acute conditions.

The TikTok user, known as Jombadok, posted a video expressing his frustration during his hospital visit. He mentioned waiting for hours before deciding to order painkillers through a food delivery app as the hospital allegedly did not promptly address his needs. While the reason for his hospitalization was not disclosed, Jombadok expressed his disbelief at not being able to receive the medication from a “first-world hospital.”

In response, SKH assured the public that the patient’s care team provided appropriate care based on his condition. While acknowledging the TikTok video, the hospital reiterated its commitment to attending to every patient in a timely manner. It also explained that patients with more urgent, life-threatening emergencies naturally receive prioritized care, which may lead to longer waiting times for patients with less severe conditions.

Jombadok’s TikTok video also showed him collecting his painkillers from a foodpanda delivery rider at the hospital lobby, with the rider expressing surprise at the situation. However, the video did not reveal the exact duration it took for the delivery to arrive.

SKH aims to address any concerns raised by patients regarding waiting times and the quality of care provided. The hospital works to balance the needs of all patients while ensuring that critical cases receive immediate attention. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by healthcare institutions in managing patient flow and providing efficient care to a large number of individuals with varied medical needs.

– Sengkang General Hospital (SKH): A hospital in Singapore that provides a wide range of medical services.
– TikTok: A social media platform where users can share short videos.
– foodpanda: A food delivery app that allows users to order meals from various restaurants.

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