Roelmi HPC Develops Solution for Menopause Discomforts

Roelmi HPC Develops Solution for Menopause Discomforts

Roelmi HPC has introduced a new solution called ExceptionHYAL Blossom (INCI: Sodium Hyaluronate) aimed at alleviating symptoms of menopause. ExceptionHYAL Blossom targets the physiological needs of the vaginal mucosa by increasing the production of glycosaminoglycans, aquaporins, and proteins, which enhances hydration. This innovative solution offers relief from common menopause discomforts such as vaginal dryness, itching, pain, and urinary urgency, ultimately improving the quality of life for women experiencing these symptoms.

In addition to addressing vaginal health, ExceptionHYAL Blossom has also been shown to positively stimulate bone mineralization. Through in-vitro studies, it has been demonstrated that this solution promotes the expression of bone proliferation genes, facilitating osteogenesis.

To further validate the efficacy of ExceptionHYAL Blossom, a randomized controlled clinical study was conducted with a group of 30 menopausal women between the ages of 45 and 65 who suffered from vulvovaginal atrophy. The participants underwent radiofrequency treatment with poration for five weeks, while the active group also took one capsule per day containing 200mg of ExceptionHYAL Blossom for eight weeks.

This study revealed that ExceptionHYAL Blossom provided progressive improvement in symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy. The benefits persisted even after the oral supplementation was discontinued, indicating the long-lasting effects of this innovative solution.

With the introduction of ExceptionHYAL Blossom, Roelmi HPC has developed an effective approach to combat the discomforts associated with menopause. By targeting vaginal health and promoting bone mineralization, this solution offers women a comprehensive solution to address the physical impacts of menopause.

– Roelmi HPC

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