Compass Memorial Healthcare Prioritizes Patient Care and Expansion

Compass Memorial Healthcare Prioritizes Patient Care and Expansion

Barry Goettsch, the CEO of Compass Memorial Healthcare, strongly believes in the quality of care provided at his healthcare organization. As a patient himself, along with his family, Goettsch trusts Compass Memorial Healthcare for their healthcare needs. Raised in Bettendorf, Goettsch comes from a background of healthcare professionals and has always been inspired to live and work close to his roots in Iowa.

Goettsch emphasizes the importance of providing excellent healthcare services to patients, regardless of the size of the facility. He believes that Compass Memorial Healthcare is on par with larger city hospitals in terms of patient care. This commitment to quality has led to the expansion of Compass’s services and reputation in the region.

Respect, dignity, and absolute accountability are three essential values that Goettsch promotes within his workplace. He has been recognized with a special award for leadership and is known for his open-door policy. One anonymous employee mentioned in a survey that Goettsch is always available for communication and treats employees like family.

In addition to prioritizing patient care and employee satisfaction, Compass Memorial Healthcare is committed to continuous improvement and growth. They have plans to invest $28 million in expanding their facilities, starting with a new and improved emergency room. They also have plans to add two new intensive care units and make future additions to the inpatient area.

With locations in Marengo and several clinics in surrounding areas, Compass Memorial Healthcare has been serving the community since 1956. Currently employing 210 individuals, the organization is privately owned.

Overall, Compass Memorial Healthcare, under the leadership of Barry Goettsch, is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services while continuing to expand and meet the needs of their community.

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