Rescue Cat with Seizure Disorder Finds Forever Home with Parent who has Epilepsy

Rescue Cat with Seizure Disorder Finds Forever Home with Parent who has Epilepsy

A heartwarming story has emerged of a rescue cat with a seizure disorder finding her forever home after a two-year wait. The cat, named Annie, was surrendered to the Dutchess County SPCA in New York in June 2021. Her previous owner, who suffered from dementia, could no longer care for her. It was soon discovered that Annie had health issues, specifically feline hyperesthesia, a rare seizure disorder.

Annie’s condition had gone untreated due to her owner’s illness, but the shelter took it upon themselves to ensure her well-being. She was placed in a foster home where she received the care and attention she needed. Over the course of eight months, Annie’s diagnosis became clear, and with the help of anti-seizure medication, her condition improved.

Despite her progress, Annie faced challenges in finding a forever home. Potential adopters were hesitant to take on a cat with special needs. However, after two years and two months, Annie met Renee, who also had epilepsy due to a rare vascular disorder. Having experience with special needs cats in the past, Renee was undeterred by Annie’s condition.

Renee, understanding the difficult journey Annie had endured, was determined to provide her with a loving home. Annie, now renamed Tapenade, has settled into her new environment with feline siblings and a cozy spot by the window. Despite her initial timidity, Tapenade has shown herself to be curious, playful, and above all, affectionate.

This heartwarming adoption story serves as an inspiration for others to consider adopting older or special needs pets. Renee hopes that their story will encourage people not to be afraid and to understand that the rewards of adopting a pet outweigh any challenges they may face.

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