High Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction in Individuals with Schizophrenia, Study Finds

High Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction in Individuals with Schizophrenia, Study Finds

A recent review published in JAMA Psychiatry reveals that individuals with schizophrenia have a high prevalence of sexual dysfunction. The study, conducted by researchers from Aix-Marseille University in France, involved a systematic literature review and meta-analysis of 72 studies from 33 countries with a total of 21,076 participants.

The findings showed that the global prevalence of sexual dysfunction among individuals with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders was 56.4%. Men had a prevalence rate of 55.7%, while women had a rate of 60.0%. The most common sexual dysfunctions for men were erectile dysfunction (44%), loss of libido (41%), and ejaculation dysfunction (39%). For women, the most prevalent dysfunctions were orgasm dysfunction (28%) and amenorrhea (25%).

The study also found that sexual dysfunctions were more common in patients with schizophrenia compared to those with schizoaffective disorders. Additionally, erectile disorders were less frequent among individuals with longer illness duration. Antidepressant and mood stabilizer prescriptions were associated with lower rates of erectile disorders and ejaculation disorders.

The authors of the study suggest that treating depression may be crucial in reducing sexual dysfunction among individuals with schizophrenia. Despite advancements in second-generation antipsychotics, the prevalence of sexual dysfunction remains high, emphasizing the need for interventions to address this issue.

This study sheds light on the significant impact of sexual dysfunction on individuals with schizophrenia. Further research is needed to explore effective interventions and potential strategies to improve the quality of life for these individuals.

Théo Korchia et al, Sexual Dysfunction in Schizophrenia, JAMA Psychiatry (2023). DOI: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2023.2696

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