Prime Healthcare Hospitals Recognized for Social Responsibility and Patient Care

Prime Healthcare Hospitals Recognized for Social Responsibility and Patient Care

Prime Healthcare and its hospitals have been named one of the most socially responsible health systems in the nation by the Lown Institute. The recognition includes top grades for social responsibility, health equity, patient outcomes, clinical outcomes, and inclusivity. The Lown Institute, a nonpartisan healthcare think tank, evaluates over 3,600 hospitals nationwide based on 53 metrics of health equity, value, and outcomes.

The ranking underscores Prime Healthcare’s commitment to social responsibility and health equity. The health system aims to provide high-quality and equitable healthcare to all communities it serves. The recognition serves as an example for other hospitals to follow, as socially responsible healthcare contributes to the strength and well-being of our nation.

Among the Prime Healthcare hospitals that received recognition, four have made it to this year’s Honor Roll. These hospitals received straight “A” grades in social responsibility, health equity, value of care, and patient outcomes. The Lown Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility is the only ranking that considers metrics of health equity and value of care alongside patient outcomes, providing a comprehensive view of hospitals as community partners.

The evaluation methodology includes measures such as community benefit, racial inclusivity, and avoidance of overuse. The data sources used in the evaluation include Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage claims, CMS patient safety data, hospital cost reports, and IRS 990 forms.

Prime Healthcare Foundation, a not-for-profit public charity, operates seven of the hospitals recognized. These hospitals have demonstrated an unwavering dedication to quality care, health equity, and positive outcomes.

Prime Healthcare operates 45 hospitals and over 300 outpatient locations in 14 states. With nearly 50,000 employees and physicians, the health system provides over 2.6 million patient visits annually. The Prime Healthcare Foundation is committed to improving healthcare and is a member of 14 Prime Healthcare hospitals.

Prime Healthcare’s recognition as a socially responsible health system highlights its commitment to providing the highest quality care and improving health outcomes for all communities it serves.

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