Gas Prices in Ottawa Set to Drop by 8 Cents per Litre

Gas Prices in Ottawa Set to Drop by 8 Cents per Litre

Gas prices in Ottawa are expected to drop by 8 cents per litre tomorrow, reaching an average of 162.9 cents per litre. This will be the lowest price seen in the capital since July 19, according to Canadians for Affordable Energy President Dan McTeague. The decrease is attributed to the transition to winter gasoline blends, which are cheaper to produce than their summer counterparts.

Ottawa experienced a significant rise in gas prices earlier this year, reaching a high of 172.9 cents per litre in August. However, with the switch to more cost-effective winter blends, consumers can expect some relief at the pumps.

The transition from summer to winter gasoline blends is a common occurrence in the fuel industry. Summer blends are formulated to reduce emissions during warmer weather, while winter blends are designed to withstand colder temperatures. The production of winter blends requires less refining, resulting in lower production costs and, ultimately, lower prices for consumers.

While this announcement brings good news for Ottawa residents, it’s important to remember that gas prices can still fluctuate due to various factors such as crude oil prices, market demand, and geopolitical events. Monitoring these factors can help consumers make informed decisions about when to fill up their tanks.

Source: CTV News Ottawa, Canadians for Affordable Energy President Dan McTeague

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