Wisconsin Legislators Work to Expand Healthcare Coverage for Post-Partum Mothers

Wisconsin Legislators Work to Expand Healthcare Coverage for Post-Partum Mothers

Wisconsin state legislators are making strides to provide additional support for mothers experiencing post-partum complications. Senate Bill 110 aims to expand access to healthcare by extending coverage for medical expenses up to a year, compared to the current 60-day offering in the state. The bill has been approved by the state senate and awaits a vote on the assembly floor.

Annmae Minichiello, a mother of two, pharmacist, and volunteer for the American Heart Association, is among the many women who have dealt with post-partum complications that could have limited her time with her children. She shared her own experience, saying, “I happen to have postpartum cardiomyopathy right after I gave birth to my first daughter, Skyler.”

Minichiello emphasized the importance of extended healthcare coverage, stating, “If I could name one person who said, ‘Yeah, after two months I was completely fine and great and I didn’t need healthcare,’ that would be absolutely zero.” She believes that providing mothers with more support during the post-partum period is crucial for their well-being and the well-being of their children.

Republican State Senator Jesse James, one of the 32 lawmakers who voted in favor of the bill, highlighted the significance of caring for mothers, stating, “It’s about taking care of the people. And moms are a very important person when it comes to a child’s life.” He added that the legislation is backed by evidence and data, and that these services should be provided in the state.

The American Heart Association has reported that maternal mortality rates in the United States have doubled since data collection began in 1987. This statistic underscores the urgent need for improved healthcare access for post-partum mothers.

By expanding coverage to 12 months, the proposed legislation aims to better support mothers during this critical period, potentially saving lives. The bill acknowledges the complexities and challenges associated with post-partum complications and emphasizes the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare to mothers in Wisconsin.

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