Phoenix UK Partners with 2San Global to Provide Home Testing Kits to Independent Pharmacies

Phoenix UK Partners with 2San Global to Provide Home Testing Kits to Independent Pharmacies

Phoenix UK has announced a partnership with diagnostic and digital tools company, 2San Global Ltd, to supply home testing kits to its 5,200 independent pharmacy members through Numark and selected Rowlands Pharmacy branches across the UK. The collaboration aims to improve diagnostic accessibility and relieve strain on the NHS.

Numark will become the first UK wholesaler to offer 2San’s home tests, providing members with quick access to essential health screening products at reasonable prices. Starting from August, Numark will offer 10 tests, including screenings for bowel cancer, stomach ulcers, hypothyroidism, iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, menopause, male fertility, and drugs of abuse.

Rowlands Pharmacy, which is owned by Phoenix, will also be offering a selection of home test kits in over 380 branches starting from September. In addition to the tests, Rowlands Pharmacy will provide support and advice in-store and through their website, offering clear recommendations based on test results, a service not widely available in other pharmacies.

By expanding diagnostic services to community pharmacies through home testing, Phoenix aims to help customers detect potential conditions early and take control of their health. Stephen Thomas, Superintendent Pharmacist at Phoenix, explained that they also aim to offer treatment guidance to their pharmacy colleagues to assist customers in managing their condition if they receive a positive result.

The partnership between Phoenix UK and 2San Global comes at a time when the home testing market is expected to grow significantly. With ongoing challenges faced by the NHS, the aging population, and the demand for innovative solutions, the market is projected to expand by over 50% by 2030.

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