Former Pharmacy Manager Sues Employer Over COVID-19 Vaccine Misuse

Former Pharmacy Manager Sues Employer Over COVID-19 Vaccine Misuse

A former pharmacy manager in New Westminster, British Columbia is taking legal action against his former employer for wrongful dismissal and breach of contract. Bhanu Prasad Seelaboyina, who worked at Kent Guardian Pharmacy, admitted to reusing syringe barrels while administering COVID-19 vaccinations. The lawsuit alleges that Seelaboyina’s termination was unjustified, as his mistake did not amount to misconduct serious enough to warrant dismissal.

According to the lawsuit, Seelaboyina believed that reusing syringe barrels was a safe practice that would not pose a health risk to patients. He took responsibility for the error, and his supervisor, pharmacist Fabina Kara, appeared to be understanding. However, instead of providing him with a job at another pharmacy as promised, Kara terminated his employment in September 2021.

The lawsuit claims that Seelaboyina was never given written or formal warnings about his conduct and was not given an opportunity to improve following the incident. It also alleges that he was not provided with safety protocols by his superiors. The terms of his employment did not outline the consequences of termination.

Seelaboyina’s legal action seeks damages for wrongful dismissal and breach of contract. He argues that he is now earning less money as a pharmacist in Surrey.

It is important to note that none of the claims in the lawsuit have been tested in court.

The incident involving Seelaboyina led to an investigation by the college regulating pharmacists in British Columbia. The college’s inquiry committee found that Seelaboyina’s lack of knowledge regarding basic infection control practices posed a risk to the 96 patients he had administered vaccines to. As a result, Seelaboyina entered into a consent agreement with the college, which included a suspension of his license for one year and a ban on administering drugs by injection or nasally for an additional 180 days. He also had to complete several remedial courses.

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