COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Faces Billing Issues: Some Individuals Charged for Shots

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Faces Billing Issues: Some Individuals Charged for Shots

Summary: Glen Cote of Acton, Massachusetts, was shocked to receive a text minutes before his COVID-19 vaccine appointment at CVS, informing him that the shot would cost $190.99. Despite signs outside the store advertising “FREE FLU & COVID-19 vaccines,” Cote is not alone in being charged for the vaccine. Posts on social media reveal that people across the country are facing similar billing issues, with charges ranging from $125 to $190. The new vaccines, developed by Pfizer and Moderna to target newer variants, were approved by the FDA and CDC and were expected to be covered by most private and public health insurances. However, due to a delay in updating insurance plans with the new billing code for the vaccines, some individuals are being wrongly charged.

CVS and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acknowledge the issue and attribute it to some payers still updating their systems to cover the updated COVID-19 vaccines. A CVS spokesperson assures affected individuals that pharmacy teams can help schedule appointments for a later date if insurance coverage is not yet available. Glen Cote, who reached out to WBZ-TV News, expresses his disappointment and frustration with the lack of a smooth rollout and the impact it may have on those in more complex situations than his own. He emphasizes the need for a seamless COVID-19 vaccination process, especially considering the importance of protecting oneself and loved ones in the richest country on earth.

While the issue of incorrect charges for the COVID-19 vaccine is being addressed, individuals like Glen Cote are left feeling unsettled and worried. The success of the vaccine rollout depends not only on widespread availability but also on ensuring the process is accessible and affordable for all individuals. The incident highlights the importance of continuously updating and synchronizing insurance systems with the latest medical procedures and treatments to prevent such billing inconsistencies in the future.

Source: WBZ-TV News

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