Parolee Arrested After Robbery at Millbrae Pharmacy

Parolee Arrested After Robbery at Millbrae Pharmacy

Authorities have apprehended a parolee in Millbrae, CA, following a robbery at a local pharmacy. The suspect allegedly hit a store employee with a jug of hand sanitizer before stealing a candy bar. The incident occurred at a Walgreens store on El Camino Real.

According to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect entered the store on Saturday evening and attempted to steal a candy bar. When a store employee intervened, the suspect struck her with a one-gallon jug of hand sanitizer and quickly fled the scene.

Law enforcement officers located the suspect a short distance away from the store and confirmed his identity with the victim. The suspect, who was already on parole for grand theft, has been arrested on suspicion of robbery. He is now in custody at a correctional facility in Redwood City on a no-bail parole hold.

This incident highlights the importance of store security and the potential dangers faced by retail workers. The use of everyday items, such as hand sanitizer, as a weapon demonstrates the need for increased vigilance and safety measures within retail locations.

It is essential for businesses to prioritize employee safety and provide appropriate training on handling difficult situations. Additionally, collaboration with law enforcement agencies and the installation of surveillance systems can aid in preventing and resolving incidents of this nature.

Source: Bay City News, Inc.

– Parolee: An individual who has been released from prison but is still under supervision and subject to certain conditions.
– Robbery: The act of taking someone’s property by force or threat of force.

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