Chris Manson Awarded Cross of Ivan Mazepa for Contribution to Ukraine

Chris Manson Awarded Cross of Ivan Mazepa for Contribution to Ukraine

Chris Manson, the founder of US Ambulances for Ukraine, has been recognized for his significant contribution to the revival of Ukraine’s national, cultural, artistic, and military heritage. By Decree of the President of Ukraine No 595/2022, Manson was awarded the prestigious Cross of Ivan Mazepa.

The Cross of Ivan Mazepa is a significant honor bestowed upon citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, or stateless individuals who have made a substantial impact on various aspects of Ukraine’s heritage. This includes achievements in the fields of state, diplomatic, humanistic, scientific, educational, and charitable activities. Initially awarded in 2009 by then-President Viktor Yushchenko, the cross aims to honor those dedicated to Ukraine’s progress and development.

The award ceremony took place at the National Archives and was attended by President Volodymyr Zelensky, the First Lady of Ukraine, key Ukrainian staff members, the U.S. Attorney General, members of Congress, and Penny Pritzker, the new U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery.

Expressing gratitude for the support received from numerous organizations and individuals, including OSF HealthCare, the Ukrainian Consulate of Chicago, The UA Resistance Foundation, and the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, Manson humbly acknowledged that this recognition belongs to everyone involved.

US Ambulances for Ukraine, under Manson’s leadership, is currently working on its 10th shipment of ambulances, fire engines, and other essential vehicles. It is hoped that these vehicles will be ready for shipment to Ukraine by early November, further supporting the country’s health and emergency response systems.

In conclusion, Chris Manson’s remarkable contribution to Ukraine’s heritage and his dedication to improving its healthcare infrastructure have earned him the esteemed Cross of Ivan Mazepa. This recognition serves as a testament to the impact individuals can make when they unite in support of a common cause.

– Cross of Ivan Mazepa: An award given to individuals who have significantly contributed to Ukraine’s heritage.
– US Ambulances for Ukraine: An organization founded by Chris Manson that aims to provide ambulances and other vehicles to support Ukraine’s healthcare and emergency response systems.

– Decree of the President of Ukraine No 595/2022
– US Ambulances for Ukraine

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