Oracle Introduces Generative AI Services for Healthcare Organizations

Oracle Introduces Generative AI Services for Healthcare Organizations

Oracle has recently unveiled generative AI services specifically designed for healthcare organizations. This move aligns with the company’s plans to develop powerful AI solutions for global organizations. The introduction of generative AI services, in the form of voice command capabilities, aims to reduce manual work and allow healthcare professionals to focus their attention on patient care. Additionally, the new service aims to enhance patient experience by enabling self-service actions, such as scheduling appointments or accessing clinical information through simple voice commands.

The generative AI capabilities are integrated into the Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, which is built on the Oracle Digital Assistant platform. This platform is already utilized by numerous organizations across various industries to perform critical tasks.

Suhas Uliyar, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Oracle Health, states that the Electronic Health Record (EHR) should support providers in delivering personalized care and engaging experiences to patients. By incorporating comprehensive generative AI and voice-first capabilities into the EHR platforms, Oracle aims to minimize mundane work that leads to burnout and empower healthcare professionals to establish trust, build loyalty, and achieve better patient outcomes.

Oracle’s generative AI-powered Clinical Digital Assistant provides physicians with a streamlined approach to patient care. By automating administrative tasks through generative AI, physicians can fully concentrate on their patients. The assistant can also participate in appointments, automatically taking notes and suggesting context-aware next actions, such as ordering medication or scheduling follow-up appointments.

Furthermore, the Clinical Digital Assistant responds to conversational voice commands from providers, making it easier to access patient information during appointments. Physicians can simply ask questions like “Show me the patient’s latest MRI results,” and the assistant will retrieve the relevant information and images in a logical order, eliminating the need for complex interactions with the EHR.

The Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant with generative AI capabilities is expected to be available within the next 12 months.

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