Businesses Adapt Amidst Telecommunications Outage: Lessons Learned

Businesses Adapt Amidst Telecommunications Outage: Lessons Learned

In a recent incident that left Australia’s Optus network down for 13 hours, businesses not reliant on the network managed to weather the storm. While this was the case for many, Rosedale Pharmacy serves as a reminder that even businesses on alternative networks can face disruption if their customers rely on Optus.

Instead of being business-impacted, the Rosedale Pharmacy team found themselves navigating the chaos caused by the outage. Pharmacy Assistant Deana McQuillen shared that although their internet service provider is Telstra, customers using Optus faced difficulties accessing essential services such as paying for prescriptions or downloading e-scripts sent by doctors.

Amidst the outage, Rosedale Pharmacy attempted to mitigate the impact by assisting Optus-affected customers. The staff tried to connect these customers to the non-Optus smartphones of team members, creating personal hotspots to provide internet access for receiving scripts. However, this solution was limited to staff members without Optus connections, leaving those personally affected by the outage unable to provide assistance.

Thankfully, most businesses along Princes St in Rosedale did not rely on Optus, allowing customers to continue making purchases as usual. For Rosedale Pharmacy, the outage meant customers had to return the following day to collect their scripts.

The ripple effects of the Optus outage extended beyond the pharmacy and its in-store customers. Ms. McQuillen emphasized the impact on businesses in surrounding areas, affecting deliveries and communication with hospitals and doctors for obtaining prescriptions. The inability to contact delivery patients caused uncertainty and inconvenience for all parties involved.

Despite these challenges, the Rosedale Pharmacy team praised their customers for their understanding and cooperation during the ordeal. The incident served as a reminder of the resilience of the local community and highlighted the importance of fostering strong relationships during times of crisis.

As technology continues to play an increasingly critical role in everyday life, this incident raises broader questions about the potential consequences of relying on a cashless society. It serves as a reminder of the need for robust backup systems and contingency plans to mitigate the impact of unexpected technological disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What caused the Optus telecommunications outage?

A: The article does not provide specific details about the cause of the outage.

Q: How long did the Optus network remain down?

A: The network was down for approximately 13 hours on Thursday, November 9.

Q: How did Rosedale Pharmacy handle the outage?

A: Rosedale Pharmacy, although not directly affected business-wise, faced challenges regarding customer transactions and access to essential services. The team attempted to assist Optus-affected customers by using non-Optus smartphones as hotspots for downloading scripts.

Q: Did other businesses on Princes St in Rosedale experience similar disruptions?

A: The majority of businesses on Princes St were not reliant on Optus, allowing customers to make purchases as usual. However, the incident had broader implications beyond the pharmacy and its immediate surroundings.

Q: How did the community respond to the situation?

A: The Rosedale Pharmacy team praised their customers for their cooperation and understanding during the outage, highlighting the strength of the local community.

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