Muscat to Host Oman Health Exhibition and Conference in 2023

Muscat to Host Oman Health Exhibition and Conference in 2023

In alignment with the Oman Vision 2040 strategy, the Oman Health Exhibition and Conference (OHEC) is set to drive advancements and foster collaboration in the healthcare sector. The event, scheduled to take place from 18 – 20 September 2023 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, is organized by CONNECT and conducted in strategic partnership with Oman’s Ministry of Health. It is supported by the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control, the Directorate General of Quality Assurance Center, and the Directorate of Private Health Establishment.

The Oman Health Conference, which is co-located with the exhibition, will provide a platform for experts from healthcare universities, government institutions, and research associations to share technical developments and discuss the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The second day of the conference will commemorate World Patient Safety Day, focusing on patient engagement and community involvement in healthcare.

This year’s edition of OHEC will feature over 160 local and international exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 6,000 visitors. The exhibition will showcase professionals in hospital and medical infrastructure, medical tourism experts, pharmaceutical brands, and specialists in nutrition and supplements. It will also highlight the latest state-of-the-art medical technologies and facilitate collaboration between visitors and healthcare pioneers.

OHEC will also promote medical tourism and serve as a platform for foreign expertise to merge with local aspirations. Country Pavilions from India, Iran, Malaysia, and Thailand will be featured, along with participation from companies in Lebanon, Oman, Poland, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Visitors to OHEC will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge medical products, services, equipment, and technology. They can also interact with industry experts and network with key buyers, decision-makers, and industry stakeholders from both local and global markets. The event aims to foster collaboration and create business opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Oman’s focus on healthcare aligns with its strategic goals of constructing an efficient and inclusive healthcare ecosystem. Through initiatives like OHEC, the country aims to collaborate with foreign firms and inject international facilities and expert resources into its healthcare system. By showcasing the latest innovations and expertise, OHEC will reinforce Oman’s position as a leading medical hub and contribute to its journey towards excellence in the field.

The exhibition and conference are free to attend. For more information, visit

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