New Consolidation Plans for Outpatient Services Raise Concerns and Shift the Focus to Local Healthcare

New Consolidation Plans for Outpatient Services Raise Concerns and Shift the Focus to Local Healthcare

Health P.E.I. has announced plans to consolidate outpatient services in the West Prince region, which has sparked concerns among O’Leary residents about potential loss of healthcare access. These services currently include short procedures such as cast removal, intravenous antibiotics, iron infusions, and blood transfusions, available in both Alberton and O’Leary. The consolidation aims to address concerns raised by staff members about increased workload and the need for more serious care.

While Health Minister Mark McLane initially stated that consolidation is not currently on the table, a senior manager at Health P.E.I. confirmed that they are indeed considering the option. Dylana Arsenault, the executive director of hospital services and patient flow, emphasized the need to ensure staff members receive adequate support and resources. Thousands of people access outpatient services in West Prince every year, but dividing these services between two hospitals has proven challenging.

The O’Leary Community Health Foundation chair, Eva Rodgerson, expressed fears about losing yet another service, given that the region’s emergency department was closed in 2008. However, Rodgerson clarified that the goal is not to take away services from Western Hospital but to continue providing necessary care for residents in both facilities.

Darren MacKinnon, an O’Leary resident, shared his personal experience highlighting the importance of receiving care close to home. Following a motorcycle accident, his son received outpatient treatment in O’Leary, which allowed a high level of localized care and a connection with familiar caregivers. MacKinnon emphasized the need to maintain a focus on ensuring access to healthcare for local residents amidst the challenges faced by the healthcare system.

As Health P.E.I. explores the consolidation of outpatient services, it is crucial to address the concerns of O’Leary residents and find a solution that maintains the quality of care for all patients in the West Prince region. Prioritizing access to local healthcare services can significantly impact the recovery process and the lives of individuals and families seeking treatment for various medical needs.


Q: What are outpatient services?

Outpatient services refer to medical procedures or treatments that do not require an overnight stay at a hospital. Instead, patients visit a healthcare facility and receive care before returning home on the same day.

Q: Why is there a need to consolidate outpatient services in West Prince?

Healthcare staff members have raised concerns about the increased workload and the demand for more serious care in the region. Consolidating outpatient services into one location can help alleviate these concerns and ensure better support and resources for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Q: Will the consolidation result in the loss of services in O’Leary?

The goal of the consolidation is not to take away services from any specific facility but to provide efficient and accessible healthcare for the residents of both O’Leary and Alberton. Efforts will be made to ensure that the necessary care continues to be available in both locations.

Q: How will the consolidation impact local residents?

Consolidation should aim to prioritize the needs of local residents, ensuring they have easy access to necessary healthcare services. By delivering care closer to home, it can help patients maintain a sense of normalcy, provide localized support, and enable better connections with familiar caregivers.

Q: What will be the next steps in the consolidation process?

Health P.E.I. will continue to assess the feasibility and implications of consolidating outpatient services in the West Prince region. It is essential for them to engage with stakeholders, address concerns, and devise a plan that ensures the delivery of quality healthcare to all residents.

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