New AI System Revolutionizes Early Detection of Sepsis

New AI System Revolutionizes Early Detection of Sepsis

Sepsis, a life-threatening condition, is a major concern in hospitals worldwide. It is not only the leading cause of mortality but also contributes significantly to hospital readmissions and healthcare costs. Timely detection of sepsis is essential for effective management and improved patient outcomes. Fortunately, a groundbreaking technology is transforming early sepsis detection.

Mednition, a California-based company, has developed the KATE Sepsis system, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that detects sepsis early and accurately in real-time. By analyzing more than 600 data elements from a patient’s medical record, including structured data and clinical notes, KATE Sepsis aids nurses in making timely interventions.

One of the challenges in implementing AI for sepsis detection has been achieving a balance between high sensitivity and specificity to avoid false positives and alert fatigue. KATE Sepsis has successfully overcome this hurdle, showcasing a remarkable improvement in detecting sepsis compared to conventional screening methods. It has demonstrated a 74% increase in sepsis detection, 80% in severe sepsis, and an impressive 118% in septic shock, all while maintaining a high specificity rate of 95%.

Recognizing its significant contribution to early sepsis detection, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted KATE Sepsis the Breakthrough Device Designation. This accolade acknowledges the system’s ability to outperform standard screening protocols at emergency department triage by up to 118%, even before any laboratory diagnostic results are available.

The CEO of Mednition, Steven Reilly, expressed deep gratitude for the FDA’s recognition. He emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing equitable care, improving patient outcomes, and reducing risk. Reilly believes that every second is crucial in the fight against sepsis, and KATE Sepsis represents a significant leap forward in ensuring early detection and enabling clinicians to provide more effective and timely treatment.


Q: What is sepsis?
A: Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to an infection causes organ dysfunction and failure.

Q: Why is early detection of sepsis important?
A: Early detection of sepsis is crucial because delays in treatment can lead to serious complications and increase the risk of mortality.

Q: How does the KATE Sepsis system work?
A: The KATE Sepsis system uses artificial intelligence to analyze clinical data from a patient’s medical record, helping nurses detect sepsis early and facilitate timely interventions.

Q: What is the significance of the FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for KATE Sepsis?
A: The FDA Breakthrough Device Designation recognizes the system’s exceptional performance in improving early sepsis detection, highlighting its potential to revolutionize patient care.

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