Novavax and Invitae Take Steps to Improve Financial Standing

Novavax and Invitae Take Steps to Improve Financial Standing

Novavax and Invitae, two healthcare companies facing financial challenges, are implementing measures to reduce costs and attract more investors. Novavax, a biotech firm specializing in vaccine production, has faced setbacks in the competitive coronavirus vaccine market. The company is taking action by reducing its workforce by 25% and implementing cost-cutting strategies to decrease expenses by up to 50% by next year. Novavax is also developing an updated vaccine for the fall market and a combined flu/coronavirus vaccine, showing promise in clinical trials. Currently, Novavax shares are trading at approximately $8 or 0.4 times sales.

Meanwhile, Invitae, a healthcare company specializing in genetic testing, has been dealing with financial difficulties despite increasing revenue. To address this issue, Invitae announced a turnaround plan that involves exiting certain markets, reducing jobs and offices, and focusing on activities that will accelerate positive cash flow. This strategy has shown some success, with Invitae’s revenue (excluding exited businesses) increasing by about 1% in the most recent quarter and its non-GAAP gross margin improving for eight consecutive quarters. The company has also reduced its projected cash burn for this year to between $220 million and $245 million, down from initial projections of over $250 million. However, Invitae still faces challenges, as it has lowered its forecast for annual revenue. Currently, its shares trade for less than a dollar, with a price-to-sales ratio of 0.4.

Both Novavax and Invitae are taking steps to improve their financial standing and overcome the challenges they face. These measures include workforce reductions, cost-cutting strategies, and focused business plans. While both companies still have hurdles to overcome, their efforts demonstrate a commitment to financial stability and growth in their respective fields.

– Novavax: A biotech firm specializing in vaccine production.
– Invitae: A healthcare company specializing in genetic testing.

Sources: Reuters

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