No Evidence to Support Claim that COVID-19 Vaccines Lower Life Expectancy, CDC Data Shows

No Evidence to Support Claim that COVID-19 Vaccines Lower Life Expectancy, CDC Data Shows

An Instagram post circulating on social media has claimed that COVID-19 vaccines can decrease life expectancy by up to 24 years, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, this claim is false and has no basis in the available evidence.

The claim originated from an article published on a website known for spreading vaccine-related misinformation. The article referenced a study on the effectiveness of a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine among Cleveland Clinic employees, but this study did not address life expectancy. Additionally, the claim misinterpreted provisional mortality data released by the CDC, which showed a decrease in the overall age-adjusted death rate from 2021 to 2022, not an increase linked to vaccines.

The CDC’s stance on COVID-19 vaccines remains consistent – they are deemed safe and effective, based on extensive clinical trials involving thousands of participants. There is no mention of vaccines leading to a shortened life expectancy on the CDC’s official website.

It is important to note that COVID-19 itself has been a contributing factor in the decline of life expectancy. In 2020, life expectancy fell by 1.8 years, followed by a further decline of 0.6 years in 2021.

This claim has been debunked by reputable fact-checkers and news outlets, including USA TODAY and AFP.


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