Metabolon Launches Biological Stress Discovery Panel

Metabolon Launches Biological Stress Discovery Panel

Metabolon, Inc, a company specializing in metabolomics solutions, has introduced its new Biological Stress Discovery Panel. Metabolomics is the study of small molecules in a biological system, providing a comprehensive functional readout of the system. It goes beyond genetic variation, capturing the combined impact of genetics and external factors on human health.

The panel, which is part of Metabolon’s metabolomics services, consists of 114 metabolites associated with chronic stress. It provides insights into various biological stress pathways, such as inflammation, injury, circulation, and oxidative stress. Additionally, the panel examines signaling molecules and signatures that indicate an individual’s capacity to handle stress and identifies the presence and activity of specific stressors.

Stress plays a significant role in the development of various diseases. Internal and external factors, including injuries, toxic substances, infections, and disturbances caused by food intake and metabolism, can all contribute to stress and negatively impact well-being. Understanding how the body responds to stressors is crucial for disease management.

The Biological Stress Discovery Panel incorporates visualization tools that allow researchers to compare results across different data sets. This feature helps identify statistically significant changes in metabolite abundance and associations with biological pathways, providing valuable insights into the biological significance of these changes.

Annie Evans, Senior Director of Research and Development at Metabolon, stated that the company is at the forefront of research, enabling a better understanding of disease mechanisms. The Biological Stress Discovery Panel offers an in-depth understanding of the specific stressors affecting individuals, paving the way for tailored solutions to address unique needs and overcome disease management challenges.

Source: Metabolon, Inc.

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