The Updated Coronavirus Vaccine Arrives in Long Beach

The Updated Coronavirus Vaccine Arrives in Long Beach

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an updated COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, which is now available in Long Beach. This new vaccine more closely targets circulating variants of the virus and is approved for both children aged 6 months and older and adults. Long Beach Health Officer Dr. Anissa Davis urges everyone to get the COVID-19 and flu shots this fall season to protect themselves, their families, and their community.

Previously, the government distributed the coronavirus vaccine to hospitals and health agencies, but now it is being commercialized. This means that the vaccine is distributed directly from the manufacturer to health providers. Starting from September 21, the vaccine will be available at city clinics in Long Beach.

The vaccine is accessible to both insured and uninsured individuals. Uninsured and underinsured people can receive doses through the health department or select pharmacies. Insured individuals can get the vaccine at pharmacies or through their primary care doctor.

According to the FDA, anyone aged 5 years and older, regardless of previous vaccination status, is eligible for a single dose of the new vaccination if it has been at least two months since their last inoculation. Children between 6 months and 4 years old who were previously vaccinated are eligible for one or two doses of the mRNA vaccine. Unvaccinated children aged 6 months to 4 years can receive three doses of the updated Pfizer vaccine or two doses of the updated Moderna shot.

The FDA has expressed confidence in the safety and effectiveness of these updated vaccines. While there are risks associated with vaccination, such as thrombosis or anaphylaxis, these risks are exceedingly rare. Some side effects of the vaccines may also occur as a result of a COVID-19 infection.

It is important to note that COVID-19 is here to stay, along with the flu and Respiratory Syncytial Virus, as part of the annual respiratory virus season. The coronavirus remains more dangerous than the others, with seniors over 65 and young children being most at risk. It is still unclear whether a new coronavirus vaccine will be needed each year, but experts are monitoring the situation closely.

To get the vaccine, individuals can contact their primary care doctor, visit a pharmacy (such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid), or visit a city clinic in Long Beach. The city clinics are located at Martin Luther King Jr. Park Central Facilities Center and El Dorado Park West Recreation Center.

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